Real estate for expatriates,
the best return on investment

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Real estate and expats:
a successful combination

Experienced investors know the advantages Evere has to offer. The European institutions, international companies and NATO ensure a constant influx or reliable and well-off expats. They all look for a rental apartment that meets their high expectations. In Brussels, the demand for quality rental apartments far outstretches the offer. Why would you not profit from Europe?

Ambassador Park’s apartments bring great returns

  • by the high rent - on average between 1,000 and 2,400 euro per month
  • by the large demand for quality rental apartments
  • because rental income is not taxed
  • because of the excellent rental service specialised in expats
  • because real estate in Brussels, in comparison with other European metropolises, is still very affordable and offers unknown growth perspectives in the long term
  • because borrowing money has never been this cheap
  • because your money in real estate will yield you 40x more than if it was in a savings account
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Ambassador Gardens: a green location for a sustainable investment

Expats’ choice of residence is often influenced by the proximity of the work location, the presence of infrastructure and a green area.

The beautiful Ambassador Gardens park apartments are located around a charming courtyard and situated in a strategic location for expat rental: in the immediate vicinity of the new NATO buildings, close to major multinationals such as Toyota, Canon and IBM as well as within easy reach of the airport.

Relaxing in a peaceful and green environment, after a hectic day at the office, away from the bustling city centre? Your tenants will be impressed.

Own rental service
specialised in expats

Top location with proven result

Ambassador Park is located in Evere, right next to the imposing buildings of the NATO. Evere is also the home to head offices of many multinationals like Toyota, IBM and Canon: it is the beating heart of Europe and the area where wealthy employees live.

Skyline Renting at your service

The rental specialists at Skyline Renting take care of all the administration and practical issues, so you can concentrate on doing fun things. With 20 years of experience and 1107 apartments in management, they know the Brussels rental market like no other. With an average occupancy rate of 98% you are guaranteed a maximum return.

Borrowing money has never
been this cheap. Take advantage
of this unique opportunity

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Skyline Europe, your experienced partner

You invest for your dreams. We understand that all too well at Skyline Europe. For 40 years, investors have been giving us their trust and our investment real estate in top locations has been yielding the returns to make dreams come true. A truly valuable return.

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